First orders of business

I’m just getting started - the transaction hasn’t been finalized, and I don’t have all the assets in my possession yet. But that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for what’s to come. To date, I have:

Opened a bank account in the name of the LLC holding the business

I didn’t need to put it under an LLC and wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of forming an LLC for this, but I formed one years ago for other ventures and already things in place, so why not? I went with Azlo because it was easy to set up, it suits the needs of the business, and it’s priced right (free).

Set up bookkeeping software

Again, I didn’t need this - a spreadsheet would be adequate for this venture. But having used Quickbooks since I was teenager and already in possession of a Wave account, I figured I may as well take advantage of the software I’m familiar with. Wave is easy to use and it’s free, so to me it’s a no-brainer.

Set up a Trello team

I use Trello at my day job and have a workflow I’m comfortable with, so this makes sense for my needs. I’ve added boards for business operations, marketing, sales, support, and development tasks.

Created a password database

Sounds obvious, but I’ll need to rotate all credentials and set up 2FA where applicable. I use KeepassXC for passwords, Authy for 2FA on my phone, and YubiKeys whenever possible.

Begun creating a list of To-Dos for when I’m up and running

I think taking stock of the assets and ensuring there are no glaring issues with the security and operation of the service are most important. I also want to reach out to subscribers to introduce myself. What I don’t want to do is go changing things or making quick judgements about things as they are now. I’m doing my best to remain mindful that this is a multi-year commitment - there’s plenty of time to get acquainted with the business and the code and make changes when it’s prudent to do so.